Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Many music and sound experts have begun their interest following a moving bass related experience. Bass is considered by many to be the most emotive part of music. It is bass that makes the adrenaline rush around your veins and makes your windows vibrate. Bass is unstoppable, it passes through concrete walls as easily as if the were made of tissue paper. Extremely low frequencies have been studied by the world’s military for their ability to spread unease and discomfort in humans and bass is also used to stimulate excitement in movie soundtracks, fun fairs and live stage performance among many other areas.
Some of the nation’s finest Sound Quality competition entrants will admit that their interest began with the memory of organ wobbling bass from a PA stack at a gig, real life sound such as a low-flying aeroplane or a sub-filled car heard at a show.

Handling bass frequencies takes a considerable amount of expertise. Hertz Subwoofers are designed from the ground up to optimise low frequencies whilst delivering sonic integrity. Every single element of their design comes from years of experience and know-how and is included in order to deliver maximum excitement at an affordable price. Many subwoofers command high prices as the engineering and materials required require highly specialist skills. At Hertz, the skill and expertise is all in-house ensuring that customers benefit from the best talent but at every day prices.

But it is not only the subwoofer which needs to be designed with skill, amplifiers and the interconnecting cables also need highly skilled attention. The amount of power required to drive a good quality subwoofer means that all elements of a system need to have plenty of performance to spare. The 2-channel Hertz amplifier selected for this bass system can deliver 200 Watts RMS to the subwoofer and has high level as well as line level inputs. This means it can connect directly to the speaker outputs of your factory fitted stereo and deliver all the bass you need to take your in car listening to new levels of enjoyment.
There is nothing like a significant bass boost to captivate your interest in music and there is no shame in starting your musical journey this way. Bass is the most difficult kind of audio to produce with integrity and although many companies can make a noise, it is usually one loaded with distortion rendering the source music unlistenable at worst or unintelligible at best! This is where Hertz differs from the crowd. They research, build, test and review each product tirelessly until it pleases them and as they have amassed some of the finest designers and critical listeners in the world over the years it takes something extra special to impress them!

Monday, 17 January 2011

Tune-up Tweeters

Much is made of the need for additional bass reinforcement in the in-car listening environment however, this usually requires an investment in amplifiers and subwoofers which may be a treat which requires saving for. In the meantime, the addition of a pair of high quality tweeters will deliver immediate hi-fi results and could cost a lot less. Developing the sound in your car is often a case of building as and when the budget is available and also when a particular element of the soundscape in your car needs attention. Most cars need every element to be looked at and there is a good case for looking at top-end reproduction first.

Tweeters carry frequencies which allow our ears to pinpoint exactly where a sound is coming from and therefore, what is known as the stereo image is very much defined by the quality of reproduction of high frequencies. In turn, better definition at high frequencies provides much needed clarity in a relatively noisy environment. Improving clarity makes a huge difference regardless of the type of music you listen to, but you only get this from quality tweeters. If you buy too cheap you will end up with high frequency distortion which becomes tiring to listen to at best and can be completely unlistenable in some cases. Words like “harsh” and “Tinny” are hallmarks responses to high-end distortion.

The Hertz HT20R is a set of ribbon supertweeters complete with crossover which deliver fantastic quality treble tone and help to improve the definition of the stereo image you are listening to.  As with anything else there are many differing qualities of tweeters available and the HT20 R's are right up there with some of the best available which is why they carry a well deserved, high-end price tag of £179.99 per pair? But, a well designed entry-level pair of tweeters from a high quality manufacturer will still have a huge effect on overall sound as it is here that car manufacturers make many compromises to the extent that they may even deliberately make their tweeters work less well to conceal poor quality.

A trip to your local FOUR MASTER for a pair of replacement tweeters will help you to reproduce high frequency nuances that are often lost when transferring music from home to the car and ironically, if you travel any distance to work and back you probably spend more time listening in your car than at home! So why not, er, "tweet" yourself (sorry) and get on the road to great car stereo.
Hertz DT16 tweeters are a good quality system tune up tweeter. This tweeter uses a neodymium magnet for high efficiency and ensures high level performance and accurate, colourless high-frequency reproduction due to its very light Mylar membrane. These tweeters will not add ear-piercing harshness to your sound but soft yet highly defined, musicality.

We are so convinced that a pair of DT 16 tune up tweeters will make a mountain of difference to your listening pleasure that we are offering free installation to anyone purchasing a pair for just £34.99 using our buy on line, collect in store service.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Hertz audio joy

Hertz audio joy system is based on the Hertz he4 amplifier,Hertz esk 165 component speakers,Hertz ebx 250 10" subwoofer enclosure and Audison Connection cables fitted to your car for £499!! It will improve the sound of your car dramaticly giving a larger,cleaner sound with lots of tight bass.It can be installed to you factory radio or to an after market cd player,dvd player even an i-pod system.We at Platinum in car can install this hifi system at our workshop in coventry in just one day,so if you live in Bedworth,Nuneaton,Leamington,Warwick,Stratford,Solihull,Rugby call Platinum in car on 02476 455111.

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